Step into Kinfolk magazine

Every few months we look forward to being greeted by a gorgeous cover of Kinfolk magazine. The toothy paper, natural lit photos and bold composition are always a delight for our senses.

The Design Issue

The magazine founded by Nathan Williams and Doug Bischoff  in 2011 is based out of Portland.  It features photo essays, fashion, design and most notably food and entertaining. Each issue of the quarterly lifestyle/arts magazine is themed around a topic such as “Family” “Work” or “Travel.” The magazine uses different contributors for every issue to give each topic its own personality.

A spread from the “Age Issue,” features all things that age well…including pickles

The warm pastel colors and crisp type have become the hallmark of current north west publication design.  Since Kinfolk does not feature any advertisements the strong use of the grid and negative space give extra room for us to take in the lush photography.

It’s clear that Williams puts great thought into how the magazine flows, “We try to think of the experience from cover to cover, always asking ourselves if the stories blend well and if the colors and images feel like an intentional experience.” The latest issue, “The Weekend Issue” should be arriving soon.

In the meantime, we have the Kinfolk Home book to keep us company.


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