Polycarbonate Neverland

Shanghai based designers Wutopia Lab was commissioned to design a play space and restaurant for kids where materials, lighting and whimsical design create a magical ‘Polycarbonate Neverland’. Polycarbonate material is used to add color, texture and lighting elements on both the interior and exterior of the building. On the interior, a variety of materials including hollow PVC balls, glass fiber cloth, plastic balls, artificial stone, stainless steel and mirrors, are used in combination with bold paint colors and lighting elements to create unusual spaces that attempt to distort reality.

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Otherworldly Architectural Photos

Faubourg‘ a photo series by Parisian photographer Francois Prost, captures apartment buildings in suburbs on the outskirts of Paris. The series showcases 20th century high rises surrounded by nothing but sky. By shooting the buildings from nearby apartments on clear days, Prost represents the buildings in a way that makes them seem otherworldly. Prost hopes to show a side of Paris and Parisian architecture that is not often seen. The work is on show at Superette Gallery in Paris through November 16th.

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Expo Chicago

EXPO CHICAGO is coming up from September 27th through the 30th. This modern and contemporary art fair, which takes place at Navy Pier, has established Chicago as a preeminent art fair destination. The art fair hosts leading international art galleries in the main exhibition hall as well as panel discussions, performances and installations throughout the city.

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August 2018: Things We Love…


Perched on an oceanside cliff in Puerto Vallarta, Le Kliff introduces diners to authentic, gourmet culinary traditions of Mexico while adding a touch of modernity.


Les Renforts (1963), by American Painter Alexander Calder (1898 – 1976). This sculpture can be seen in at Fonation Maeght in Saint-Paul-De-Vence, France.


Dior “L’Air” navy blue square scarf (2018)


Sculptura Bench designed by Russel Woodard for Woodard Furniture Company

Sculptura Bench



The Leopold and Loeb Files: An Intimate Look at One of America’s Most Infamous Crimes

In The Leopold and Loeb Files, author Nina Barrett returns to the primary sources of an infamous 1924 murder for a unique approach that allows readers to look past all of the stories that have been spun in the last 90 years to focus on the heart of the crime.

Related image


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Nituniyo + Memosesmas: Interactive Sculpture

Spanish design studios Nituniyo and Memosesmas designed a dynamic sculpture as public work for the Festival of the Fallas in Valencia. The festival celebrates the arrival of spring with four days of bonfires, fireworks and parties.

Architect Miguel Arraiz, designer Carlos Tíscar, and illustrator Luis Demano, were all invited to create works on the sculpture during the event. Between creations, the piece continued to change as festival goers rearranged the tubes until the final night of the festival when the sculpture was burnt along with many other temporary monuments throughout the city.

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Bocci Lighting Installation in Berlin

Bocci, founded by Omer Arbel, is a design and manufacturing company based in Vancouver and Berlin. The company launched  in 2005 with just one lighting design titled ’14,’ which was an instant hit and remains a best seller.

In 2015, Bocci installed ‘Bocci 79,’ an installation throughout a historic Berlin building that functions as a a showroom and archive. The installation can be viewed throughout the 23,600 square foot 19th century courthouse, which hosts over a decade of work including prototypes and pieces in progress, as well as the complete range products they have available.

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Giant Hands Reach Out from Below Venice

Italian artist Lorenzo Quinn is a leading sculptor whose work is inspired by masters like Michelangelo. Quinn is most known for his creations of human hands, through which he tries to represent themes of creation and destruction. Below are images of two massive hands which Quinn installed in Venice for Art Biennale 2017. With this particular piece he wants to highlight the threat that climate change poses to the city of Venice.

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Braille Neue: Combining Braille and Visible Characters

Japanese designer Kosuke Takahashi has designed unique font called Braille Neue that combines written typefaces with braille, so both sighted and blind readers can read the same text. It does so by taking letters from the six-dotted braille pattern and overlaying them on visible text. So far, Braille Neue exists in two typesets – Braille Neue Standard for English, and Braille Neue Outline which can be used for English and Japanese.

Takahashi designed the font with the 2020 Tokyo Olympics in mind, and considers it a way to promote inclusivity and universality. With this unique and eye-catching design, he also hopes to encourage the use of braille characters in public spaces where it is often missing.


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Georg Jensen at The Art Institute

In 1904, Danish silversmith Georg Jensen founded his renowned design company Georg Jensen, and thereafter contributed to the popularity of Scandinavian design throughout the world. Georg Jensen was well known for inventive, yet elegant silver tableware, serving dishes, tea sets and more, which have been featured in exhibitions throughout Europe.

The Art Institute of Chicago is hosting the first major American exhibit of Georg Jensen home products. The exhibit includes 100 rare works in silver that celebrate Jensen’s unique take on the Scandinavian home. Both accessible and extravagant pieces are displayed, with pieces in silver, wood, melamine and stainless steel.

The exhibition is up through September 9th!

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Modern Home Designed in 18th Century Farmhouse

Architects Nathanael Dorent and Lily Jencks worked together to design this Scottish home, built amongst existing ruins of an 18th century farmhouse. Though the exterior is reconstructed in a contemporary style, the designers preserved the original floor-plan and what was left of the stone walls. As another nod to the original structure, they designed a pitched roof similar to what would have been there originally.

One of the most stunning features in the interior of the home is the futuristic, curved white walls throughout. Another unique touch comes in the form of custom windows that were designed and placed according to the specific countryside views that the designers wanted to be seen.

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