Georg Jensen at The Art Institute

In 1904, Danish silversmith Georg Jensen founded his renowned design company Georg Jensen, and thereafter contributed to the popularity of Scandinavian design throughout the world. Georg Jensen was well known for inventive, yet elegant silver tableware, serving dishes, tea sets and more, which have been featured in exhibitions throughout Europe.

The Art Institute of Chicago is hosting the first major American exhibit of Georg Jensen home products. The exhibit includes 100 rare works in silver that celebrate Jensen’s unique take on the Scandinavian home. Both accessible and extravagant pieces are displayed, with pieces in silver, wood, melamine and stainless steel.

The exhibition is up through September 9th!

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Modern Home Designed in 18th Century Farmhouse

Architects Nathanael Dorent and Lily Jencks worked together to design this Scottish home, built amongst existing ruins of an 18th century farmhouse. Though the exterior is reconstructed in a contemporary style, the designers preserved the original floor-plan and what was left of the stone walls. As another nod to the original structure, they designed a pitched roof similar to what would have been there originally.

One of the most stunning features in the interior of the home is the futuristic, curved white walls throughout. Another unique touch comes in the form of custom windows that were designed and placed according to the specific countryside views that the designers wanted to be seen.

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Frozen Formations by Photographer Ryota Kajita

Japanese photographer Ryota Kajita has spent the last 8 years photographing ice formations on the surface of Alaskan ponds. He captures fleeting structures, consisting of frozen bubbles and splinters of snow, that display the simplicity and fragility of nature.

Ranging in diameter from 10 to 50 inches, formations like these could be easy to miss, but Kajita credits the medium of photography for allowing him “to pay attention to those moments and subjects, take time to observe them and help him to understand his surroundings more intimately.”

Kajita’s beautiful work makes me wonder what details I may have missed while walking around in the freezing Chicago winter.

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Clare Rojas at Kavi Gupta

Contemporary painter Clare Rojas uses simple, geometric shapes and vivid colors to create abstract works that lie somewhere between folk art and Bauhaus Design. Rojas is fascinated with storytelling, and the realization that every form of storytelling requires large simplifications. The abstract forms in her works are an example of this simplification process.

Renowned Chicago gallery Kavi Gupta, is hosting a solo exhibit of Rojas’s work. The work on show is from Rojas’s newest collection titled Egret, and includes more than 100 new pieces.

100 of these works (pictured above), are the result of Rojas’s practice of completing a new piece nearly every day. Also included in the show are nine large-scale oil paintings, and several sculptural works. Her sculptural works share the same visual language as her paintings as Rojas aims to give 3-dimensional forms a 2-dimensional look.


Go catch Egret on show at Kavi Gupta until July 7th!

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Multiply Like Rabbits Jewelry

3D printing has been a useful tool for jewelry making due to its quick production time, variety of material choices, high detail and accessibility. A Brooklyn studio called Multiply Like Rabbits  uses 3D printing as a first step to produce jewelry with rabbits on them.

They first start by 3D printing the pieces from high resolution wax, later on they cast the pieces using the lost wax casting method and the pieces are polished by hand. The pieces come in brass, bronze, silver and custom.

The mastermind behind the designs Artur Dabrowski believes that “Design is best when its not designed.” He chooses to use rabbits in his jewelry pieces because he sees the animal as a way to express thoughts and feelings.

He started drawing rabbits at a young age and started personifying them, later on he had a collection of drawings all telling different stories and it inspired him for the jewelry pieces. Their collection consists of rings, necklaces, bracelets and suit accessories.


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DIY Camera

“Do It Yourself” has been a trend lately and a lot of products has been produced in different fields for DIY enthusiasts. A collaboration between Hyle Design  and Paper Shoot gave birth to a new camera which is somewhat unusual. This camera comes in parts which can be put together by the user and it has a transparent case that allows you to see the inside mechanism. The camera is very simple and straightforward; it does not have excessive options. It has on/off button which also functions as the capture button if you press twice.  It also has 4 filters: normal, black&white, blue and sepia in order to motivate the user to capture the perfect moments by being creative. New lenses can be added such as, a fish eye or a wide angle. It can be used with a wooden cover also. CROZ camera is taking DIY products to a new level.

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Balloon Clock

Balloons play an important role in a children’s life. It is there at parties, birthdays and many other activities that can be related with good memories. HEARTSTORMING a Seoul based designer and makers studio found in 2011 specializes in product design and their goal is to make our heart smile with their playful products.

The Aria Balloon clock is inspired by a balloon, the top part is transparent plastic. It has 12 wrinkles that indicate time. The designer’s goal is to make the user return to the innocence of childhood.  It is available in different colors and it can be used on the floor or on the wall.

We appreciate the whimsy of the product in combination with the simple and clean design.  It can be used in any room or interior style.  Not only is it functional but it makes us smile as well.

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Matching People To Artwork

Stefan Draschan an Austrian photographer, spends a lot of time in the museums and it certainly worths it. He observes the encounter between the people and the artwork, then he captures photos where the viewer matches the artwork.

He first started doing this by coincidence while he was at a museum in Berlin. Then he started looking out for it more, intentionally chasing these coincidences. Later on he figured out a system for it, he follows a person that he thinks has potential in matching, then he chooses an artwork and waits until he can catch a shot.

He also took the whole concept few steps forward by capturing photos of people touching the artwork, sleeping in a museum and cars matching homes. The results are definitely worth the effort

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Depicting Nature With Clay

Clay is a material we are all familiar with. Most of us played with it at some point or tried to make a sculptural thing out of it in school. To produce serious work from this material, a great amount of skill and patience is needed. Phoebe Cummings, who is an artist that got her MA from the Royal College of Art with a focus on ceramics and glass, started creating breathtaking floral arrangements from unfired clay.

Her work is inspired by nature and botanical illustrations. She makes her work on site and since the clay is unfired, it only lasts as long as the exhibition. Her work has so much fine detail and she depicts nature in a very realistic way with a material that nature provides us and because it is meant to be temporary, it reflects the cycles of nature that are too ephemeral.


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Addressing Climate Change In Paintings

During the recent years climate change has become an issue and people are approaching it from many angles.  Mary Iverson is a Seattle based painter who is approaching the issue in a creative and unique way.  She is making landscape paintings and adding abstracted drawings of shipping containers to them. In this way, she is giving attention to the consequences of rapidly growing businesses and population which has a great impact on climate change.   Some of the settings she chose to include in her paintings are protected locations such as Yosemite National Park.

Her interest in the shipping containers and industry began when she was searching for good locations to paint landscapes. She came across harbors and warehouses which captured her attention. After developing an interest in painting the containers, she did an in-depth research noticing how this is a silently growing industry. The use of it in her work symbolizes the growth of economy and human population. Her paintings do a great job in combining the organic with the geometric.

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