A Lock Not So Grimm

Residing in the permanent collection of the Art Institute of Chicago is an astoundingly intricate lock depicting the Grimm Fairytale, “Snow White and the Seven Dwarves”. The lock was created by the German-born metalworker Frank L. Koralewsky in 1911, after he immigrated to Boston and became a member of the Boston Society of Arts and […]

Process Refinement: From Dirt to Sphere

Hikaro Dorodango is the ancient Japanese art of turning dirt into spheres. Artist Bruce Gardner has mastered this craft. Gardner describes his spheres as “nearly the perfect expression of process refinement”. Each Dorodango feels personified, their perfection through labor and extreme fragility through material allowing them to feel intimate.   “A traditional pastime among the […]

A Wool Story: from start to finish

Sometimes it takes a what seems to be a simple stool to appreciate the many steps that go into making it.  Hanna Bramford has taken the wool from one sheared sheep then carded, treated, and felted it into 100 balls to create the seat. Her design starting point was to be inspired by a rebel.  […]