Shaker purity

Shaker furniture is unsurpassed in its purity and craftsmanship. An exhibition of the Protestant sect’s work is on display now through Fall 2017 at the Art Institute in Chicago titled “Shakers and Movers: Selections from the Collection of Dr. Thomas and Jan Pavlovic.” The Shakers followed a humble lifestyle, practicing Christ-like purity; their beliefs are echoed in their […]

Prints on wood

Eskayel has  partnered with Dane Co. to bring their unique abstract patterns to handcrafted furniture. The collection includes sofas, chairs, benches and ottomans made from 3 different species; ash, maple, and white oak that are covered in Eskayel’s digitally-printed designs in water-based ink. Such a brilliant collaboration between two notable brands.   (This chair is one of our favorites!) […]