Clare Rojas at Kavi Gupta

Contemporary painter Clare Rojas uses simple, geometric shapes and vivid colors to create abstract works that lie somewhere between folk art and Bauhaus Design. Rojas is fascinated with storytelling, and the realization that every form of storytelling requires large simplifications. The abstract forms in her works are an example of this simplification process.

Renowned Chicago gallery Kavi Gupta, is hosting a solo exhibit of Rojas’s work. The work on show is from Rojas’s newest collection titled Egret, and includes more than 100 new pieces.

100 of these works (pictured above), are the result of Rojas’s practice of completing a new piece nearly every day. Also included in the show are nine large-scale oil paintings, and several sculptural works. Her sculptural works share the same visual language as her paintings as Rojas aims to give 3-dimensional forms a 2-dimensional look.


Go catch Egret on show at Kavi Gupta until July 7th!

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