Addressing Climate Change In Paintings

During the recent years climate change has become an issue and people are approaching it from many angles.  Mary Iverson is a Seattle based painter who is approaching the issue in a creative and unique way.  She is making landscape paintings and adding abstracted drawings of shipping containers to them. In this way, she is giving attention to the consequences of rapidly growing businesses and population which has a great impact on climate change.   Some of the settings she chose to include in her paintings are protected locations such as Yosemite National Park.

Her interest in the shipping containers and industry began when she was searching for good locations to paint landscapes. She came across harbors and warehouses which captured her attention. After developing an interest in painting the containers, she did an in-depth research noticing how this is a silently growing industry. The use of it in her work symbolizes the growth of economy and human population. Her paintings do a great job in combining the organic with the geometric.

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