Blue House by BETA

The exterior of Blue House by Dutch architecture firm BETA, conforms to the surrounding development of its Amsterdam neighborhood, while also celebrating the clients’ colorful personalities. On the interior, the home is tailored to both entrepreneurial and family life, with the living areas of the home sitting atop an office space. The multi-level living space cascades down into the garden, creating a segmented but open floor plan that has large sources of light at both ends. While Blue House is a private home, it also seeks to disrupt the typical feel of a home with its materiality and spatial characteristics that resemble those of a public building.

blue house by BETA photo front façade daytime

blue house by BETA sculptural staircase and kitchen

blue house by BETA top level with void and cascade into the garden

blue house by BETA interior photo sculptural staircase with steel railing

blue house by BETA model photo

blue house by BETA exterior photo rear façade Pareidolia

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