Cast Landscape at Tippet Rise Art Center

Opening June 17th in Montana, Tippet Rise Art Center will be a place where landscape, art, architecture, and music live simultaneously to create a unique experience for visitors. Located just north of Yellowstone National Park, Tippet Rise has enlisted artists to transform the land in a way that positively interacts with the landscape. Ensemble Studio answered the call, casting monuments in the landscape itself. Using rebar, cement, and dirt they created structures that are equal parts shelter and sculpture.

tippet 3 tippett 2“Beartooth” Ensemble Studio at Tippet Rise Art Center


To create the rock-like forms, Ensemble Studio uses construction equipment to maneuver dirt, covering the indentation with plastic and casting it in cement. The result is a highly engineered process that mimics the imagery of naturally eroded landscape. View a video of their process here.


iverted 1“Inverted Portal” Ensemble Studio at Tippet Rise Art Center
both1“Beartooth” and “Inverted Portal” Ensemble Studio at Tippet Rise Art Center


The resulting impact on the landscape is minimal and emotional. We are excited to see Tippet Rise Art Center grow. All images courtesy of Ensemble Studio. As always, please follow us on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and‘Like’ us on Facebook.


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