Hilma af Klint at the Guggenheim

Hilma af Klint: Paintings for the Future, is the first major solo exhibition of the artist’s work in the United States, and is on show at the Guggenheim until April 23rd. The work of Hilma af Klint is remarkable, especially when one considers that her abstract paintings were created as early as 1906. During her lifetime Klint only showed her work once, and insisted that it not be shown until twenty years after her death, so that it would have an audience that would understand it. Tracey Bashkoff, the curator of the exhibition notes, “Hilma af Klint’s abstract work predates the work by artists such as Kandinsky, Mondrian, Kupka, Malevich, artists that we have long considered the pioneers of abstraction.”

Large, colorful abstract paintings by Hilma af Klint in the Guggeheim

Three large, colorful painting by Hilma af Klint featuring large, gold circles and rays of red, blue, and yellow

The artist Hilma af Klint sitting in her studio, wearing a long skirt and high-collared blouse.

Painting by Hilma af Klint. The picture has a pink background and a large white flower shape, with writing in blue and yellow on each petal.

Various circles and florals in pastels, including a pink flower/clover in a blue circle, a white daisy-type flower in an orange circle ringed with yellow and another in a yellow circle, and an orange circle and a blue circle interesecting with the small overlap in yellow

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