Marc Fornes / Theverymany

For the last ten years, the art and architecture studio Marc Fornes/Theverymany have been creating installations that disrupt notions of form, structure and space. Their works aim to create a whimsical experience for visitors while adding appeal to the surrounding space. The studio, which is based in New York and France, has installations all over the world, including public works in Charlotte, Tampa, Orlando, El Paso, San Antonio, and New York. Keep an eye out for these striking structures!

SuzhouBiennale_TVM_NAARO_19.jpgSuzhouBiennale_TVM_NAARO_07.jpg Boolean Operator – Suzhou, China – 2018


TheFormOfWander_TVM_©NAARO_03.jpgTheFormOfWander_TVM_©NAARO_10.jpgForm of Wander – Tampa, FL – 2018


Marquise_TVM_NAARO_16.jpgMarquise_TVM_NAARO_01.jpgCanopy – El Paso, TX – 2018

141004_DSC_0130141004-storefront-ny-006_s.jpgStorefront – New York City, NY – 2018

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