A Bookstore by HMA Architects

HMA Architects has conceived the M.I. Bookstore in the Chinese city of Harbin, as a place for the local community to enjoy the pleasure of reading. The strikingly tall space covers a total area of 21,528 square feet, with the central attraction being a large circular bookcase with a winding staircase around it. The interior […]

Dos å Dos, a book not a dance

Exploring art and history one can find wonderful objects.  The dos-à-dos or back to back binding of a book was popular in the 16th and 17th centuries.  These books are very rare to find today.     Not only would it be somewhat practical, in that there would be one less ‘cover’ to create in the […]


An oldie but goodie from Taschen, New York Interiors can still inspire some drooling. And check out that beautiful sweater-blanket!  


This book looks interesting. K, at Hoping for Happy Accidents clued us into its imminent appearance in stores. Here is a preview [courtesy of Lena Corwin’s blog].        

FURNITURE: Villa Tower

We’re happy to announce a new design: The Villa Tower is a handsome and practical open storage piece for books and favorite objects. Used alone or in pairs, its architectural character marks an interior space with height and texture.  Our friends at Apartment Therapy ran a great survey on arranging books. Check it out here.  Buying a new bookshelf affords […]